Windows of Opportunity

Windows are usually the first target for potential burglars. A window only slightly ajar can be the way a burglar enters your home. So how can you deter these criminals from entry and not feel like a prisoner yourself in your own home?!

Here’s our Bobby’s sound advice.

Firstly, take a good look at your windows from the outside of your house and remove potential access points where you can. Are there things a burglar can climb on to reach your windows? Wooden boxes, bins, outdoor furniture, handy walls?

If a window on the top floor is easily accessible, there are window opening restrictors that can be attached to enable you to open them to ventilate your home without enabling a burglar to get through. Make sure these restrictors are of good quality and can’t be easily picked from the outside.

There are also window (and door) alarms available that can scare burglars off.

When not at home, make sure all your windows are shut securely. If you feel vulnerable in your home or are away a lot, then please do consider having locks fitted to your easily accessible windows. Key operated locks are recommended for windows that open outwards.

For windows that are within reaching distance such as ground floors, laminated glass or security film is also another recommended option.

If you are considering replacing your windows for safety reasons, please check that the windows supplied are security accredited, product tested to British standards (such as PAS 24 2016) and insurance approved.

Finally, one of the most important things you can do is to always be mindful of doors and windows open in your home. Check them daily to make sure you have shut the windows that don’t need to be kept open and always check that you have locked your doors and shut/locked all windows before you go to bed or leave your home. Leave locked window keys either in the inside lock itself or by the window (or door) in the event of a fire.

If you are elderly or vulnerable and need support from family, friends or carers, discuss window and door safety with them tailored to your own home. If you use a home care service, make sure that window/door checking is including in your documented care routine. You can even put notes onto the back of your doors and specific windows to remind visitors to lock/close them.

Never leave your front door open for visitors to have easy access – burglars scan streets and can notice a door being regularly left open or a key placed under a door mat. If you can’t access your front door easily when a visitor or carer arrives, consider a key safe. Read our blog on key safes – see below.

For more information on WINDOWS and DOORS SECURITY, and how The Bobby Scheme can help, please contact us for advice.