Did you know that there are over half a million home burglaries in the UK every year, that happen through forced entry?
With most burglaries occurring in the daytime, the back of the house is safer for the perpetrator to break into without being seen – and patios, conservatories and French doors are often an easy target.
Burglars are using increasingly sophisticated methods of breaking locks, with many able to enter through a locked conservatory door within 30 seconds.
So what can you do to make your home safer?


Meet the Patlock.
It’s a simple, safe device to keep two doors (conservatory double-doors/French doors) locked together, from the inside. Two handles are required for this, so if you only have one door with one handle, a second handle can easily be added to use the Patlock safety device.
Patlocks can be seen from the outside, which will deter potential burglars from attempting to enter.
So how does it work?


The Patlock works by ensuring the lock mechanisms which are already in place can’t be moved.
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The Patlock is simple to install and use, and comes with clear instructions. It is recommended by police forces, crime prevention bodies and Neighbourhood Watch.
To find out more about how we can help you obtain a Patlock, please contact The Bobby Scheme HERE.

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