Feel Safe with a Key Safe

People living alone, the elderly or those who find it difficult to get to the door, can highly benefit from having a key safe installed. Police accredited key safes, such as the Supra C500, can make life easier – and safer – for individuals, families and carers. Locking a key in a secure safe, with a private access code, can mean that doors do not need to be left unlocked, partially opened for easy access or a key left in a plant pot!

Leaving a door unlocked can lead to burglaries, physical crimes and even abuse. Even if the door is locked, if you feel vulnerable you needn’t answer it when someone who you aren’t expecting, knocks on the door. If family or carers have consented access to your key safe (using your secret code), they can enter your home and announce themselves as they do – giving you peace of mind.


A key safe a secure metal box, which is fitted to the outside of your home. A copy of your house key is placed inside the safe box and is locked tightly when the box is closed again. Only a private code (known to you and those whom you permit to use the keys) can open the safe.

An important note on choosing a code – avoid any easy-to-solve codes such as 1234 or 4444 or 1111.


Our Bobby Andy visited a couple who had been victims of burglary.

The initial entry was the summer house but during their search the burglars found a hidden key to the main dwelling which became their next target. This resulted in the loss of cash and jewellery.

After a chat and a look around the property, Andy advised the couple that they should invest in a key safe after demonstrating the supra C500 with Police accreditation. The gentleman asked him to install one straight away.

Window and door alarms and locks were also installed. The couple now feel safer and the man stated that he can leave his property without the fear of a repeat incident.


The Bobby Scheme can install a police accredited key safe for victims and non-victims over the age of 65. During this visit, our Bobby will provide sound advice tailored to your needs and also conduct a home fire safety check.

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