Burglary victims

We had a referral from the police asking us to visit a couple who had been victims of a burglary. They had been away for one night and returned home to find that a rear ground floor window had been forced, entry gained and jewellery and other items stolen. I first had a chat with the couple to find out what had happened and to reassure them that the security devices we install should reduce the chance of such a terrible thing happening again.

After surveying the property it was agreed to put a door chain and mirror on the front and back doors and door alarms as the property is not overlooked by any other property. Alarms were fitted to all ground floor windows and the two first floor windows that were above a flat roof at the rear. The conservatory French doors were also alarmed. I checked the side gate, garage and shed and these were all adequately locked.
This had been a very difficult, traumatic time for the couple. They said that having someone come along to advise them and carry out the security work had put their minds at rest, it was reassuring for them and made them feel safe again. As the lady said “the visit was worth its weight in gold and I am sure I will be able to sleep better tonight”.