Back door smashed

A lady and gentleman in their late sixties, in a village north of Cambridge, had been on holiday and came back to find they had been the victims of a burglary. The police were called and the details were passed to The Bobby Scheme. When I visited, I found that the glass in the lower part of the back door had been smashed in and that’s how the intruders had entered and left. Gold jewellery had been taken and all rooms had been searched. After a chat with the couple, window alarms were fitted to the rear ground floor windows and a first floor window that was over a flat roof. The back door had been repaired so an alarm was fitted to this as well as a chain. They already had a chain on the front. The usual leaflets and a “we do not buy” stickers were left. The couple had nothing but praise for what the Scheme had done for them. What had happened to that couple prompted the neighbours each side of them to request a visit as well. As they were both in their mid- sixties I called on them both and fitted door chains and window alarms to their vulnerable windows and doors. I left them with leaflets and “we do not buy” stickers and gave general crime prevention advice. They too were very grateful to think that we had taken the time to visit them as well and to help reduce the chance of the same thing happening to them.