For lack of a door chain

A lady and gentleman in their late eighties in a village east of Cambridge had a caller at the door. A man pushed his way past the gentleman, went to the kitchen and turned on the taps. He said that he had to check the water. The lady was upstairs. When she came out of the bathroom a second man was at the top of the stairs. She called out her son’s name as if he was in the house. Both men ran off. The police were called and the details passed to the Bobby Scheme. When I visited there was no chain on the front door to prevent such an incident. I fitted a door chain and door alarms to both front and back doors, alarms to all ground floor windows at the rear of the house. I checked gates and sheds as well. Leaflets and a “we do not buy at the door stickers” were left as well as a friendly chat about watching out for this sort of crime. They were so grateful for what the Bobby Scheme was able to do.

Back door smashed

A lady and gentleman in their late sixties in a village north of Cambridge had been on holiday and came back to find they had been the victims of a burglary. The police were called and the details were passed to the Bobby Scheme. When I visited I found that the glass in the lower part of the back door had been smashed in and that's how the intruders had entered and left. Gold jewellery had been taken and all rooms had been searched. After a chat with the couple, window alarms were fitted to the rear ground floor windows and a first floor window that was over a flat roof. The back door had been repaired so an alarm was fitted to this as well as a chain. They already had a chain on the front. The usual leaflets and a “we do not buy” stickers were left. The couple had nothing but praise for what the Scheme had done for them. What had happened to that couple prompted the neighbours each side of them to request a visit as well. As they were both in their mid- sixties I called on them both and fitted door chains and window alarms to their vulnerable windows and doors. I left them with leaflets and “we do not buy” stickers and gave general crime prevention advice. They too were very grateful to think that we had taken the time to visit them as well and to help reduce the chance of the same thing happening to them.

Now I feel safer

A lady in her mid -eighties in a large village to the south west of Cambridge had heard about The Cambridgeshire Bobby Scheme from a friend of hers and been told what a wonderful service it was. She phoned us to request a visit for herself. On arrival I found it was a bungalow and there was no chain on the front door. It had a very enclosed rear garden so about eight windows were not over looked by any neighbours at all - so very vulnerable. I fitted window alarms on all of these windows, a chain on both front and back doors and an alarm on the patio door. The shed lock was hanging off so I fitted a new bolt and padlock.. I spent time reassuring and advising the lady about security and gave her leaflets and the “we do not buy sticker”. The lady said she now felt much safer.

Cambridge Ethnic Community Forum

At the Bobby Scheme we get a number of referrals from the Cambridge Ethnic Community Forum. I visit Asian and Indian people who would probably not call the scheme themselves because of the language barrier. The forum always ensures that there is someone who can attend at the time of the visit to speak for the client and translate. I have had several referrals this year as the coordinator of the Forum herself was a victim of a burglary. She is able to tell her members first hand what the Bobby Scheme can do for them and help them feel safer in their own homes.

Tie in with Addenbrookes

The Bobby Scheme coordinator phoned when I was between visits to say she had a call from the discharge planning team from Addenbrookes hospital. They asked if it was possible to fit a key safe that afternoon as the gentleman was to be discharged from hospital and carers needed to visit that evening. I was given a phone number of a member of the gentleman's family who I contacted to agree a time to visit. Within two hours the key safe was fitted. A member of his family was there to meet me, the key safe charge of £50.00 was paid and all was in place for the gentleman to arrive home. The feedback we had from the family was we had provided a wonderful and quick service.

Fenland location

A Lady in her eighties, in a remote Fenland location who we had visited before some years ago, had been the victim of oil theft - something that is all to common these days. She had heard we fit oil tank alarms. To supply and fit the oil tank alarm is £120.00. She thought this well worth it as she had £800 worth of oil stolen the day after it was delivered. We fitted the alarm to the tank, installed the receiver in the house, set it all up and informed the lady how it all worked. I put a sign on the tank to warn potential thieves that the tank was alarmed The lady said that the alarm had taken a load off her mind and she was very pleased.

Family living miles away

The granddaughter of a lady in her late eighties living in a village near Cambridge had arranged for a lifeline to be fitted at the ladies house. We were contacted and asked to install a keysafe for emergency access.
The granddaughter, who lived miles away, sent us a letter expressing how grateful she was knowing that help was at hand should her grandmother have a fall.

Callers at the door

A lady in her seventies and living on her own rang the Bobby Scheme requesting a visit. There had been an incident nearby and she was concerned as she had experienced callers at her door at night.
A front door chain was fitted along with a mirror on the wall near the door so she could see who was at the door when it was opened on the chain. A door alarm was fitted; a chain and alarm were fitted to the back door and window alarms to the rear windows.
After having a chat and giving her advice and leaflets the lady commented “you don’t know how much safer you have made me feel”

Door lock problems

Our Co-ordinator rang to say that a lady in her eighties was having trouble with her front door lock. We had visited her a few years ago and as she didn’t know who else to ring, she rang the Bobby Scheme. I went later that same day as the lady was quite upset. The door was wooden with a Yale type lock that was broken inside. After checking to see if it could be repaired, it was decided to fit a new lock and new barrel.
The lady rang the Co-ordinator the next day to say what a wonderful service we had given and to thank us for being so quick and helpful.

Thoughtful neighbours

A couple in their late sixties rang requesting a visit. They also asked if we could visit their neighbour at the same time as she was in her eighties and living alone. I fitted a door chain to both front and back doors of the bungalow, along with a door mirror and door and window alarms. A padlock and bolt were fitted to the rear gate and the shed checked as well. The gentleman then accompanied me to the neighbour. As the bungalow was identical, the same security devices were fitted. As the lady did not have a lock on her shed, a bolt and padlock were fitted.

Burglary victims

We had a referral from the police asking us to visit a couple who had been victims of a burglary. They had been away for one night and returned home to find that a rear ground floor window had been forced, entry gained and jewellery and other items stolen.
I first had a chat with the couple to find out what had happened and to reassure them that the security devices we install should reduce the chance of such a terrible thing happening again.
After surveying the property it was agreed to put a door chain and mirror on the front and back doors and door alarms as the property is not overlooked by any other property. Alarms were fitted to all ground floor windows and the two first floor windows that were above a flat roof at the rear. The conservatory French doors were also alarmed. I checked the side gate, garage and shed and these were all adequately locked.
This had been a very difficult, traumatic time for the couple. They said to have someone come along to advise them and carry out the security work had put their minds at rest, reassured them and made them feel safe again. As the lady said- “the visit was worth its weight in gold and I am sure I will be able to sleep better tonight”