Jul 2013

Tip of the Month

Cold Callers at your home

Cambridgeshire Police hope that the following information is of use and ask that all residents ring the police with any suspicious incidents.

Rogue Traders will turn up to offer services such as replacing driveways, washing roofs or general repairs and garden services – they are often intimidating and use pressure to try and charge high amount of money for work that is very often never completed and in most cases householders are left not only out of pocket but needing to find a reliable person to complete the work to a satisfactory standard.

Cold callers selling household items knocking at your door offering to sell you household items such as dusters, oven gloves etc. Be careful, are their offers too good to be true and are you really getting value for money? Sadly there are examples that some of these callers may also have a criminal history of thefts from homes.

Before you answer the door, stop and think if you are expecting anyone. If in doubt, don’t answer the door – ask for an ID Card to be posted through letter box for you to check. If you choose to open the door, put the door chain or bar on first, and leave it on while you talk to the person.
It is not being rude or unfriendly if you refuse them entry. If you are not expecting a caller and you are on your own, ask them to call back when you can arrange to have someone with you. If you experience any rudeness or aggressive behaviour ring the police and tell the person you are ringing us.
Try not to keep large amounts of money in your home
• When answering a call at the front door, check you have locked the back door first
• Use the phone numbers below to report anything suspicious

Cambridgeshire Police – non emergency number 101
If there is a threat to life or property always call 999
Citizens Advice Consumer Advice 08454 04 05 06