Feb 2013

Tip of the month – Shed burglary

This is the time of year when police start to see an increase in break ins to sheds both in homes and allotments. Garden sheds are a very popular target with burglars and are often overlooked when security is being considered. The value of the contents, such as garden mowers, strimmers, cycles etc can often add up to many hundreds of pounds. It is therefore wise to secure the shed door with at least one heavy-duty hasp and closed-shackle padlock and reinforce doors so they are solid enough to not be kicked in. Lock ladders inside your garage or shed to stop a thief using them to reach upstairs windows.

Consider using lockable steel boxes fitted to the floor to store your tools in, or anchor posts fitted to the floor to secure larger tools and equipment. Visibly and permanently mark property you keep in sheds and garages. Consider purchasing a low cost shed/garage stand-alone alarm system.

There is more information on the Cambridgeshire Police web site at:


Carol Aston, Crime Reduction Officer, Cambridgeshire Constabulary.

Cambridge Cash for the Community campaign

The campaign supports not for profit organisations and the work they do in the community. Each of the 25 organisations will get a slice of the £10,000 depending on the number of tokens collected for each group. The tokens will be issued each day in the Cambridge News from February 4th until March 1st.

We are encouraging everyone who reads the Cambridge news to collect as many tokens as they can on behalf of the Bobby Scheme and take to a branch of the Cambridge Building Society or Cambridge News offices.

We welcome your support!