Dec 2015

Thank you for your Support

This year [ 2015] we are very grateful to the following organisations for funding to support our work to reduce burglary, domestic abuse and the fear of crime:

Office of the Cambridgeshire Police Commissioner
Cambridge Community Safer Partnership
Safer Peterborough Partnership
Cambridgeshire Community Foundation
South Cambridgeshire District Council
Accent Nene Housing
Circle Housing [ Roddons]
Cambridgeshire Community Foundation – Dulverton Trust / Ridgeons/ Microsoft/Seymour/Cheffins
Marshalls Group
Mary Wilson
Nationwide Building Society
Cambridgeshire Masons
Cambridge Jesus Lane Quakers
Waitrose Peterborough and St Ives
The Pye Foundation
Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service
The Victims Hub
Huntingdon Freemen’s Trust
Earl Fitzwilliam Charitable Trust

All the Parish Councils who have supported us