Dec 2012

Tip of the Week

Winter is a time of longer, darker and colder nights.  As Christmas is approaching consider:

·         Using timer switches when you go out at night as these will give the impression someone is at home

·         Ensure you don’t leave presents on view to tempt a burglar looking through your window

·         If you leave your car when out shopping, don’t leave presents on view

Domestic Violence Project

In October 2012, the Bobby Scheme extended its remit to include keeping victims of domestic abuse safer in their own homes by improving the home security.
The main aims of this project are :

·         To reduce repeat incidents of domestic abuse

·         To increase victims quality of life and feelings of safety

.         Enable victims of domestic abuse to remain in their own home safely, thus making significant savings in rehousing those victims to safe accommodation or DA refuges.

The Bobby scheme receives referrals from the Cambridgeshire Domestic Abuse Multi Agency Referral Unit or the Domestic Abuse Investigation Safeguarding Unit.  The security advisor assesses the security and installs the appropriate equipment in discussion with the victim. 

The Way to be Award


These awards are presented by Cambridge City Council.

Steve was judged the 2012 winner of The Way to be Award, and was nominated by a disabled customer who felt the service of the Bobby scheme was an outstanding example of how people should be treated. Cambridge City council supported the Way to Be awards scheme since its launch in 2004, and are keen to encourage actions that benefit Cambridge’s disabled citizens and visitors.

Members of the public can nominate those businesses and services that do most for disabled and older people. This extra service goes into making Cambridge a better place to live, work and visit.